About Us

Kilter Athletics is a hand printed apparel online retailer based in Charlotte, NC. We print on “blanks” 


/‘kiltər/ out of harmony or balance.

In life, there are multiple stresses that throw us “off kilter”, similarly when you over stuff a washing machine. When we start to remove the “load” we get right back on track. That’s “Living in good Kilter” 

Created in 2018 by Karley Jacobs- Kilter Athletics was founded on living a lifestyle in good Kilter, even when chaos erupts around us. Often, what weighs us down is not ours to carry. Finding a balance is essential.

In our original logo, an unloaded barbell,  signifies no additional weight with even distribution. We offer a variety of clean & simple  prints in addition to fun phrases to encourage and motivate. 

Kilter Athletics produces prints weekly and has expanded it’s offerings to printing for individuals and small businesses. 

We are currently supported in 47 states and 30+ countries with hopes to continue to grow! 


Founder: Karley Jacobs